Designed a 12' Flat Belt Conveyor System from scratch.  This type of Conveyor is used for corrugated cartons, crates, or totes.  Creation of the Conceptual Design (Parts & Assembly) and Drawing (DIM & GTols) was done in CREO 3.0,  The accompanying BOM was created in Microsoft Excel along with necessary equations and calculations, such as CEMA (CSPD, WL, GAP, etc.), and Machine Design (Chain Center Distance, Sproket Sizes, Chain Size, etc.).


Materials, Shafts, Bearings, Motor, and Gear selection where essential in meeting the required specifications (FPM).  The welding processes and structural frame analysis had to also be performed to maintain a robust design.


The final step of the Project was to remove the current Motor + Electrical Wiring, and add a Variable Frequency Drive (Rockwell Automation) in its place.  The VFD is connected to a new Motor and then driven by a created from scratch Ladder Logic program written for a ControlLogix PLC mounted in a NEMA Enclosure. 


Proximity Switches, Limit Switches, Counters, or Photo eyes could then be easily added to the Project if quantiy driven metrics is apart of any new performance requirement.


Maintenace & Repair, Installation, Commissioning, Suggestions and spare parts are listed inside the Total Design Package (Analysis, Drawings, BOM, etc.)  

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